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Introduction To Galactic Consciousness (ITGC)  

The Pre-destined Awakening for Humanity

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For the :Oneness-Wellness-Lifestyles: Is with the Cosmocentric View.

Wake-Up Advisory:

["By the reading of this website and participating with the programs is the psychoactive experience. You are leaving familiar waters and entering cosmic consciousness. For your mind, these are uncharted waters. If it sometimes feels that grasping what you are reading is difficult, just keep reading, keep going".]

["Your mind is being (re)arranged. Supermental evolution is occurring. This website and the programs are not casual reading or activities, they are meant to be studied".] For the precepts and instructions are for the practice of live-life.

Cosmic Time Codes

Lesson #1: This is NOT astrology nor numerology


1. Cosmic refers to prajna, wisdom or the absolute. History is upaya, skillful means, or place of application—the relative. Cosmos order and harmony, and harmony is universal.

Cosmic order cannot be separated from our own process of perception.

The absolute level of Cosmic History is a state of total harmony where every level of every part in all dimensions arrives at a perfect mathematically equal zero-point.

2. Cosmos is the absolute and history is the relative.

Therefore, everything relative has a history. Everything historical is relative yet occurs within a vast complex of

structure called the cosmos. The totality of the two creates a redefinition of reality; a reformulation of the human mind where everything is returned to wholeness and to an understanding that there is a GOD principle coordinating everything!

(GOD= Galactic Ordering Dynamic, the Divine Master Matrix

Source of ALL).

…Our non-egoic essence is the essence of cosmic reality. All of the cosmos is permeated with non-ego. Genuine 13:20 mind is the mind of non-ego. There is no ego in the Law of Time. The Law of Time is cosmic law. It is not just for our little planet at this fluctuating point in time. It is true everywhere, for it is the unvarying constant of universal synchronization.

When we truly live by the Law of Time, we have no choice but to come to know the nature of our mind, the mind of non-ego. This non-ego is cosmic nature. In cosmic nature everything is of equal value, every moment is sacred. …When we follow this way, then we come into Reality, which is peace, the sacred order of the Universe. When we are in Reality, we are at peace, we are REAL, we are in true relationship with the Absolute.

And NOW for some Cosmic hip-hop. "We Gotta Get Out"

Listen Up. Wake up. Rise up. Transcend to heal.

Experience the Cosmocentric View of You

with the 13-Dimensions of Life 

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1~Natural Mind 2~Spirituality 3~Health & Fitness 4~Family Love & Relationships

5~Financial Life 6~Character 7~Intellectual Life 8~Parenting

9~Emotional Life 10~Social Life 11~Career 12~Quality of Life 13~Life Vision

Precept 45 - Our task is to make the world-soul conscious by initiating it into the every day synchronic order of reality so the human beings become stabilized at a higher normative level of continuing consciousness. this area

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INTRODUCTION TO GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS: A 28-Day Program Access Your Multi-Dimensional 13:20 Frequency  

I Promise as You Learn Each Lesson This Guided Course Will:

  • Attune Your Natural Mind the Creation Design
  • Broaden Your Spiritual and Sensory Awareness
  • Increase Your Resonant Vibratory Capacity
  • Heighten Your Intuition and Telepathy
  • Transform Your Being

If you let it... Guaranteed.

If there is an obvious truth that you are not aware of that brings only good to you. WHEN would you want to know that truth?

Precept 11 - There can be no new advance within the matrix of an old structure without a sacrifice – you have to sacrifice something of yourself – if not all of yourself that is attached or involved in the old to get to the new.

Here is what you will get in this guided course...

  • Access to Shifa's wisdom teachings. Transparent, sometimes shocking first-hand knowledge from her 50+ years of spiritual life experience on the Path. 
  • learn the 13:20 Natural Mind path of knowledge. Get equipped to tap the dormant reality within you that has been covered up by the mass consciousness mess. 
  • Achieve your end goals through cosmic consciousness. Tune in to the frequency of knowing at will. Stop second-guessing. Use the tools of Natural Time to awaken your conscious awareness. 
  • Cultivate a cosmocentric view, perception, and perspective. Seeing inwardly through the lens of cycles shapes a galactic mental and spiritual frame of reference for clear personal discernment.  
  • Get in Sync with your actual energy coordinates. Knowing exactly when and where you are in the cosmos will synchronize your daily activities in every dimension
  • Experience moving from a center point of radial MULTIDIMENSIONAL flow heals your whole life. Your senses will prove to you that by staying in sync with the spiraling, tangible harmonic cosmic rhythms, they will and do express through you, as you, when allowed to flow freely. 
  • Feel the Flow as the Power of Oneness. Your Signature Experience Flow State 

Consider Science-Based FACTS: 

  • Higher frequency/vibratory transmissions are beaming into our planetary atmosphere this very moment.  
  • As we hurl through the cosmos on Spaceship Earth our planet is spiraling upward in the cosmos, as a result, our consciousness is rising. We are evolving as a species. 
  • Free Will allows us to chose to destroy ourselves by going against the Natural Cosmic Order or we can thrive by attuning our conscious awareness with the Natural Cosmic Order. Our choice. The One Mind, Source Mind is Divinity in Motion.  

Our Cosmic History... So, around the Sun we go on a Divine Path to our collective, ascending, spiraling destiny. This is not random, just look into what is called outer space, the galaxy, it is all number, measure, movement, and change. It is the One Mind, Universe, Divinity in motion and we are all called to retrieve the memory of our origin and activate as the Cosmic Beings we are in truth.

We are on an exciting ride! WATCH THIS:

This course serves to equip you for your eminent rise. 

Cosmocentric View Guided Course begins:

I Am Holistic Equilibrium Rising Opulence (H.E.R.O) in 13-Dimensions of Oneness by Love  

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All beings see according to their own perceptions based on previous conditionings until conscious effort is made to break through these conditionings. Most people operate habitually and unconsciously according to programs inherited from family and are influenced by friends, media, environment, education and geographical location. Who we think we are is actually a set of programs running in a predictable order according to different cues and stimuli that create particular responses. These patterns play out in self-reinforcing feedback loops. Many people believe that these pre-recorded feedback loops are who they are and what reality is.  

Up to this point in time, we have only been operating with a small portion of our brain capacity. We are so preoccupied by the external world that we let outside circumstances decide for us what ‘reality’ is so we do not have to think. We let the government do it. We let the Internet do it. We let institutions do it. We let the machine do it. How do we break out of this loop? 

 ~Stephanie South Accessing Your Multidimensional Self pg.33

 Experience Oneness Wellness Lifestyles' 13-Dimensional Shift  

Manifest 13-Dimensions of Your life as Holistic Equilibrium Rising Developing a Cosmocentric View Actualizes Wholeness 

1~Natural Mind 2~Spirituality 3~Health & Fitness 4~Family Love & Relationships

5~Financial Life 6~Character 7~Intellectual Life 8~Parenting

9~Emotional Life 10~Social Life 11~Career 12~Quality of Life 13~Life Vision

  • A clearer understanding of what you really want.
  • An expanded awareness of how the Universe works.
  • A deeper perspective on manifestation and your role in it.
  • A daily practice that puts what you’re passionate about at the forefront of your life.
  • Tools to help you in the days, months, and years ahead. 
  • A Legacy of Assets for Generations to Come.
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Its Time. Wake and Rise!

 Access and experience the synchronic cosmic power of your 13:20 frequency attunment. 

  Your Higher-Self is waiting for you!  

13:20 Synchronicity is natural normal and necessary.  

13:20 Natural Mind Meditation: Access who, where, and when you really are.

~ Shifa! 

PLUS... Course Bonus Material

Jose Arguelles called meditation “all-inclusive study”. 

It is one of the most scientific endeavors you can embark upon, since you are endeavoring to experience reality as it is. Through meditation you come, ever so scarcely at first, into contact with Mind (with a capital “M”) or that consciousness, or awareness or light that exists regardless of your thoughts, ideas, intentions, goals, prayers, plans or projections. That Mind which existed long before your body was formed in your mother’s womb, and which will last long after.  

The perspective of the Law of Time is that this Mind is co-extensive with space itself, and absolutely and completely permeates the entire universe, as does the synchronic order.  

The truth is, to really understand the 13 Moon Calendar, or rather, the accurate perception and experience of multidimensional Time (a.k.a synchronic order) as accessed via the 13 Moon Calendar – the practice of natural mind meditation is totally necessary.  


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Comprehensive knowledge of your Galactic Life  

  • Purpose  
  • Essence
  • Reason for Being
  • Inspired Activity 
  • Family Code
  • Resonate Tone


That chatter
Breathe in hold 4-sec, out hold 4-sec
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Shifa's 13:20 Cosmic LifeTime Story

It never ceases to amaze me that I've been a practicing mystic since I was seven years old! I am grateful for the gift that came wrapped in double-sided duct tape. I mean, it seemed to make every situation sticky. Once I kinda really got the feel of it my Life became a mysterious and magical play of mastery. A stage for those still sticky continuous lessons for my expansion, growth, evolution, and ascension. 

As a result of what began as my own spiritual journey for a lifestyle centered in the universal truth of Oneness as a lifestyle, our audiences and students can learn and take the inspired action required to expand their lives and assist others to reach higher-ground on the ascension path.

The Oneness Wellness Lifestyles Show grew out of my tenacious desire to make every aspect of my life fit the Oneness Lifestyles model of reality. By morphing into an Access TV channel show, hosted webinars, and Radio/PODcast our team created broadcasts that inspire, inform, and enlighten in a natural, harmonious holistic systematized format.

Topics harmoniously focus on Healthy Spirit~Mind/Body~Family~Finance & Community. With the uplifting content, interesting and lively thought-provoking, action-oriented conversations, our audience can feel Inner-Life benefits, find elevating resources, and gain enlightened perspectives on relevant subjects.

Visibly manifesting outcomes of spiritual connectedness and personal growth, unifying peace, love, forgiveness, abundance, and joy come with the wisdom and application of these teachings. There is something for all seekers in our 13-dimensional sharing. Thank you for receiving the divine light I strive daily to radiate and project!

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I AM Shifa! The Natural Healing Voice of The Soul of Mother (Time-Ship) Earth. I Am Harmonious Equilibrium Rise of Opulence in 13-Dimensions of Oneness by Love.

13:20 Attunement}Yoga for Your Mind  

Natural Mind Meditation/Fast  

It all starts here. 13:20; 24-hr. fast (release something) is the basics if you're new and provides a lasting foundation for your practice.

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Master Synchronic Code 

A systematic cosmic reality curriculum based in the Law of Time which ultimately forms the basis of a full-scale personal galactic learning.

Birthing 4-D Into 3-D  

We all birth our ideas into the 3D world of form. The 13:20; cycles of 13-Moons prepares your natural mind to consciously manifest your material world.

Natural Mind in Nature

Embrace natural culture start a food/herb garden to watch it grow around you. For the evidence of 13:20 Mind Frequency is in Nature,

Force Field Power  

Tap into the field of your force and power. Ready to access your galactic awareness portal (GAP)? Liberate your life of limiting beliefs, biases, expectations and irritations. 

 Extreme Flow  

Into extreme learning? The natural mind awakening experience combines spirit-wisdom, mind/body, time-space and number for multi-dimensional mastery.

13:20 Yoga for Your Mind.
Precept 15 - Yoga as a "system of knowing" begins with the physical body and penetrates into the deepest recesses of the universal cosmic mind.

- Jose Arguelles -

 The Cosmocentric View Course Guidance 

28-Day Introduction to Galactic Consciousness


The Four Self-Existing Guidance Programs Include:  

  • Natural Time} 13-Moon Calandar/20-Solar Cycles 
  • Natural Mind} Cosmocentric Connecting 
  • Natural Lifestyle} Harmonious Healing 
  • Natural Culture} 13-Dimension Artistry
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AWAKEN The Healer Within: Transformational Self-Healing A higher order prevails. Cosmic History is being transmitted to all. The DNA and brain stru...

New Moon Deep Work Galactic Sync-Activation

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 H.E.R.O Decree... I Am Holistic Equilibrium Rising Opulence (H.E.R.O) in 13-Dimensions of Oneness by Love!  


Its Time. Wake Up and Rise Up!

Oneness Welless Lifestyles Peace Profound, Divine Love Shifa! The natural healing voice of the soul of Mother Earth  

The Cosmocentric View

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