Healthy Finances

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Your Private Money & P.O.W.E.R. 
in the
COVID - Cashless -Technocracy

“The world as we knew it is over. 


Since Corona/COVID-19 hit the planet,
household and business income and
credit is about to cease.

CHARLOTTE  — Layoffs 
Wells Fargo & Co.
in the tens of thousands
according to a Bloomberg Law report

Currency Reset
The "new normal" being programmed into society as a
herd mentality.

As people wake up to the new reality, the ordinary hurting people, are screaming
We respond with a professionally managed independent autonomous solution.


Healthy Finances

Speaker: Linda Dillard, The Underground Railroad 

Learn proven secrets of ROSCA private money.

Use this wisdom and knowledge to: ~Increase your household cash flow. ~Grow savings tax-free & safe from the market crash. 
~Independently build cash reserves & retirement funds. ~Create a family legacy.


It’s happening LIVE on Thursday... 


9:00 PM Eastern
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Shifa! aka R.J.W. and Mz. Felicia M started over 20-years ago with the purpose to heal through Oneness Wellness Lifestyles in the P.O.W.E.R. of Oneness. Created as a Whole System-Holistic Healing Institute. Serving as Natural Healers, Master Stylists, and Wellness Lifestyles Coaches with 90+ years in aggregate experience. They offer guaranteed results to those willing to expand and transform. HealthyMe Finances is one of the 13-Dimensions of Oneness Wellness Lifestyles' programs.

As licensed financial professionals and Marketing Director with a fortune company they soon realized the system is not designed for everyone to win financially. Together with their team of trustees they have attracted and flowed millions of dollars in business, healing, style, and life services, providing unique assistance to those in need. Always answering the call for help, expecting their rewards from Universal Substance they live in the knowing that abundance is the natural state, and giving and receiving are the same thing happening at the same time.

"By age 28 I made my first million, and my second million at 34. I became a licensed financial professional in 1998. Through the licensing courses of study, continuing education, and client experience, I learned that by law, except by invitation, there is financial information unavailable to people under a certain income profile - causing me to realize, the masses, 95% of Americans are financially illiterate and set up to struggle by system design". ~ Shifa

HealthyMe Finances operates on purpose with clear intention to provide the momentum that solves money issues for families and businesses. To foster a "HealthyMe Finances" consciousness which creates Oneness Wellness Lifestyles as a new oneness prosperity model of reality and system for living with new values in a cashless technocracy. 


Mz. Felicia and Shifa!